Switching from Auth0 plugin to Discourse Oauth2 Plugin forces people to create a new account

(Simon) #1


We were until recently using the now deprecated Auth0 plug-in for our discourse instance, but we switched to the official Oauth2 Discourse Plugin because that’s what Auth0 recommends.

However, even though all the information coming to Discourse is the same, it seems to be that on log-in a user is being asked to create a new account. Is there a toggled setting I’m missing somewhere that would ensure that user’s get to keep the same accounts, cause that would be a pretty bad experience.

Logging in works fine, it’s just that discourse isn’t linking the new account to the old account.

There’s some other related topics, but none of them seem to have answers?


(Simon) #2

On further investigation this seems to be a problem only for people who tried to log in before we turned off the “enable local logins” toggle in settings. Now every time those users log in they’re asked to create a new account, despite an account for them already existing. Is there a way to disable this? Or fix it data-wise?

(Speck Of The Cosmos) #3

Well If you wanna dig in the database strata anything can be done. I think I remember reading something about this on the meta. I’ll see if I can find it.

(Speck Of The Cosmos) #4

(Simon) #5

Cool, thanks for looking into it @Speck_of_the_Cosmos, I’ll take it to the person who can run updates on our server.