(Robert) #1

Curious if anyone can explain the system as a user to me

IP shows as and user shows as admin and go’s back to day one of installation

except, not shown under admins or other staff groups…

Thank you


(Felix Freiberger) #2

@system is the account Discourse uses when the Discourse system itself performs an action. For example, when a user has marked one of his posts for deletion, and the 24 hour delay has passed, @system is the user performing the actual deletion.

Just leave @system alone, it’s doing important work :muscle:

(Robert) #3

Thank you for the reply,
I’ve noted the important job you mention, and understand the loopback protocol

Very simple.

But I have other concerns and have observed other actions that I am holding back on posting with hopes of understanding its role a bit better.

Thanks again :sunglasses:

(Matt Palmer) #4

If all IPs are showing as, rummage around in other topics for set_real_ip_from and real_ip_header. It’s a common misconfiguration.

(Robert) #5

Hi Matt,

I’d actually be more comfortable if all IP’s were showing as but I’ve seen Hong Kong and Spain log-in’s.

These are what are troubling me, they are not understood at all.

Thank you.

(Jay Pfaffman) #6

Are some people accessing the server directly and others going through a reverse proxy?

(Robert) #7

Hello Jay

We really just have three active personnel running our forum, none of us know how to log-in as “system” or why the “system” doesn’t show in the group list as an admin but is listed with admin privileges.

Today the system shows a log-in from Finland 60.1708,24.9375

And its never an IPv6 that I can zero in on but appears to be TOR/VPN to my limited knowledge.

It appears to be unauthorized access.
here’s what is most often seen

and a screenshot of the one from Spain