System automatically deletes post without explanation

Maybe I should post this to System admin actions should include reason but I want to follow-up on an automatic System delete post action, if it is unwarranted, so therefore posted Support topic:

On coincidence I noticed System had automatically deleted a single-line post by one of our users, without providing any reason for doing so.

The user is new, so may have a recognized untrustworthy IP, and the user posted a link to a United Arab Emirates server, which may be untrusted. The text looks suspicious, as not entirely on-topic to the subject matter.

But anyway… the reason for deletion is just guesswork. I dare not follow the UAE hyperlink to check if it is valid, because… well, it may be malicious.

(This for and I can provide link to post, but rather not in public)

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I retract the need for support. It was Akismet that marked the post, and one of our mods agreed with the flag, which caused System to delete.

But I don’t know the reason for Akismet kicking in. Is there any way to check this? Or does logging the reason fit into the same topic I referenced above? Shouldn’t an action triggered by Akismet end up as a separate entry in the logs?