System edit when adding image from web?

(Trish) #1

Hello Everybody,

I was wondering if someone could please enlighten me about something.

When you edit your post it shows a white pen in the top right corner.

Now when you add an image from the web (even though you are not editing) after a couple of minutes, why does it show a red pen?
Nothing was edited, only an image url inserted into a post.

This happens every time we insert an image url into our posts, and would like to know why this happens and whether this can be turned off.

Thanks in advance for your help.

(Michael Brown) #2

Well, that is an edit - it’s done by the system though.

Is the complaint that the automatic system edit makes it look like the post was “user edited”?

Perhaps we could suppress the edit notification if the only edits are done by the system user.

(Trish) #3

Thank you for the response. I didn’t know it was indeed considered an edit.
In that case I have no problem.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Not following, can you provide an example? The system shouldn’t be taking more than 5 minutes (default editing grace period) to change remote images to local ones…

(Kane York) #5

But @system didn’t compose the post, so the authors are different, hence the grace period doesn’t apply.