System is deleting topics

I don’t know why, but @system is deleting topics in our community without giving any reason:

The first topic is this one, which wasn’t requested to be deleted by the user

And the second one was created by me, in #Staff category to use as Community Banner

Any idea what can be causing this?

Can’t think of any way that would happen. Do you have any oddball third party plugins installed?


I was actually thinking on Aksimet, as I found this topic which might be similar:

Installed Plugins

Name Version Enabled?
babble 4.0.10 N Settings
collude 0.0.1 Y
discourse-adplugin 1.0.2 Y
discourse-akismet 0.1.0 Y Settings
discourse-assign 0.1 Y Settings
discourse-bbcode 0.1 Y
discourse-cakeday 0.2 Y
discourse-calendar 0.1 Y Settings
discourse-canned-replies 1.2 Y Settings
discourse-characters-required 0.1 Y Settings
discourse-chat-integration 0.1 Y Settings
discourse-custom-app-banner 1.0 Y Settings
discourse-data-explorer 0.2 Y Settings
discourse-giphy 0.0.1 Y Settings
discourse-legal-tools 0.1 Y
discourse-mark 0.1 Y Settings
discourse-nationalflags 1.0.0 Y Settings
discourse-no-bump 0.1 Y Settings
discourse-patreon 2.0 Y Settings
discourse-checklist 0.4.1 Y Settings
discourse-policy 0.1 Y Settings
post-read-email 0.0.5 Y Settings
discourse-push-notifications 0.3.0 Y Settings
discourse-pwned-passwords 0.0.1 Y Settings
discourse-quick-messages 0.1 Y
discourse-saved-searches 0.1 Y Settings
discourse-signatures 2.0.0 Y Settings
discourse-solved 0.1 Y Settings
discourse-spoiler-alert 0.4 Y Settings
discourse-staff-notes 0.0.2 Y Settings
discourse-telegram-notifications 0.1 Y Settings
discourse-tickets 0.1 Y
discourse-tooltips 0.1 Y Settings
discourse-translator 0.2.0 N Settings
discourse-user-card-badges 0.1 Y Settings
discourse-audio-upload 0.0.1 Y Settings
discourse-voting 0.4 Y Settings
discourse-whos-online 1.0 Y Settings
discourse-yearly-review 0.1 N Settings
discourse-yuml 0.2.1 Y
docker_manager 0.1 Y
discourse-pm-auto-responder-for-admins 0.6.0 Y Settings
retort 1.1.8 Y Settings

Yeah, I know there are a lot

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Wow. It’s like looking at a WordPress site.