Tagging first "wiki" post


I am wondering if it is possible to tag the first post in a forum discussion? My use case for this is I’d like to be able to tag the first post since it is a “wiki” post. I’d like the user to be able to filter the forum on all “wiki” posts. I don’t want the ensuing discussion to appear in the tag search, only the wiki post.

See the link for an example. I’d like to only tag this first wiki post as “wikiobjective1” and leave all ensuing discussion untagged.

Wikis work best as 1-post-topics anyway. Just move the discussion in a separate topic. Link the wiki to the topic and vice versa. Then you’ll have a list of all wikis if you tag them all “wiki” and they will be ordered by latest edit of the wiki instead of latest comment.


You can’t tag posts, only topics.