Tags global or per categories?

(Frederik) #1

Is there a way to set tags to only be in one category?

I thinking of making a book review subforum. Books ordered in “categories” by tags instead of subforums - but it seems like if Im enabling tags it is global for all categories?

Or what do I do wrong? :smiley:

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

Yes. You can create tags for only a particular category.

(Frederik) #3

Where to read more about how?

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

See the tags tab on the edit category modal.

(Frederik) #5

I only have these items available.

No feature like “disable tags for this category”

(Jay Pfaffman) #6

I see. No you can’t disable tags for a category. You have to create the tags that you want for the category.

(Frederik) #7

This is when I have a tag I can choose

But then the Optional Tag bar i visible in a “none tag category section”

It might confuse a litlle, I think?..