Tags Intersection - User Interface

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I am very interested in incorporating tags on my forum, especially using the ‘tags intersection’ feature. As a quick refresher, the tags intersection feature allows the user the query threads by multiple tags.

This functionality exists right now, you can view it at the route /tags/intersection/:tag_1/:tag_2/:tag_3

So, for example, I can get a list of all of the official pr-welcome topics by visiting

Does anyone have any suggestions/examples of how to design the ‘Tags’ page user interface so that users easily know how to select multiple tags, and have them appears in the url as specified above. I imagine their would need to be some code added to be able to automate a process where a user selects multiple tags, and then hits ‘enter’, and then it appears in the url. Just wondering if you know of any user interfaces have been designed for this feature, and if you could point me in that direction?