Tags menu on frontpage not shown on mobile

The Tags drop-down menu on frontpage didn’t show anything on mobile. It works fine on desktop, but not on mobile. I am not sure if it is because I am using a chiense character in the tags, but at least the categories view works on both mobile & desktop with chinese characters. The problem is the tags menu. Please help.

I’m sure it has never been shown?


I just realized I was using the desktop view on my mobile, and the tags menu items were displayed out of screen.

under the desktop view on mobile device, the tags menu display area needs to be set within the device screen. BTW, the categories menu is ok.

… it’s expected that some things won’t work since, you know, the mobile device is not a desktop.

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it will be great if this can be adjusted in the same way how the categories menu works, or is there any quick change/hack that you could suggest? Thanks.