Tags overlapping in the mobile title


i’ve installed the tag plugin in my site. However, when you have a long category name in the mobile tittle bar, it will overlap as we can see in this picture.

Is there any way to move the tag into a third row?


What tag “plugin” are you talking about? Tags are part of Discourse core.

Also I see no overlap in your screenshot?

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Hi, sorry I thought it was a plugin, but it’s integrated in Discourse in fact.I was confused.

By overlapping I mean that, as you can see in the picture, the second tag is not appearing in the title.

I would need to have it in a third line in the tittle, so users can actually see the tags of the topic.


My solution would be to use shorter tags!

You can do it with a theme component, though. Search “#howto theme” or maybe CSS pro will chime in.

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In header.scss, removing:

  // the tag container should shrink
  .topic-header-extra {
    min-width: 1px; // 1px value is needed to avoid IE11 flexbox bug

will allow the tags to wrap.

If you want to try in your customizations use:

.extra-info-wrapper .topic-header-extra {
    min-width: auto;

Great, it worked perfectly :slight_smile: thanks thanks thanks!