Tags page, "sort by name" with empty spaces depending on browser zoom level

(Daniela) #1

Today I was looking for tags relative to “android” or “android-app” so I click for sort by name instead "count"
and I see empty spaces

Tested with Firefox (latest) and Opera (latest) with and without login, same results.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Not sure, @neil can have a peek.

(Neil Lalonde) #3

I don’t see that. Looks like a CSS float issue, but I can’t reproduce.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Did you test with a different zoom level? There are many CSS quirks that only appear at different zoom levels.

(Daniela) #5

100% zoom.

You are right, with 110% zoom the empy spaces disappears.
Now I can see better, the empy spaces appears even with sort by count, in the last line (100% zoom)

and disappear at 110%

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #6

I’m seeing this at Stonehearth, Chrome Stable on PC, 100% zoom. Happens in both sort by name and sort by count, but is far more prevalent with name than count.