Test Forum on local host vs migration

(Shaco) #1


I want to start and test new forum on localhost (easy way to do it ?)

i want to try some sort of plugins , css etc.

Then i want migrate everythink to “live” and true domain = website.

It is just simple like making a backup file and then ctr+c and ctr+v this file and new insnance of fresh discourse on aws, digital ocean or other vps server ?

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

It’s not as simple as that. If you want to test for a short amount of time (~1 month) then I’d recommend setting up everything directly on DigitalOcean (they offer referral based credits and trials) and then install/remove whatever plugins/themes/components etc. that you may desire to.

If you want to test locally, I would not recommend trying to copy paste the config.
Install fresh on cloud, Install all the plugins etc. then do a backup/restore (and confirm if all the settings & data have been replicated).


Agree. Even my dev server is in the cloud! Just set up a VPS. You can always set it as Private so it won’t be fully exposed to the public.