Test server is slow at times when clicking on the button Latest Posts


We are running a Bitnami VM with Discourse. It is just in a test phase so there is no load on the server and we only have about 50 posts. The server is setup with 2 Gig RAM and 4 CPUs and doing a vmstat shows the system is idle 99 plus % of the time.

Every thing seems to run perfectly and seems really fast when I am using it, but when I first open it or leave it set for 10 minutes and come back and click on the Latest button then it takes 15 to 20 seconds with a spinning loader circle. Once the page is finally loaded, if I click it again it is very fast.

I am worried that when we go live and it is under load it will come to a screeching halt if I don’t find out what I have done wrong.

Is there a config item I missed, maybe with caching?

What is the best way to trouble shoot?

If I get stuck is there any resource for consultants that I could pay to solve this issue?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

I apologize, but due to limited time and staff, we can only support the Docker based installs here, following our official install guide.


OK. I installed on a new VM with the Docker based install. Then restored my data form the other server and it is up and running and so far I do not see any slowness. Is there an easy way to use MySql instead of postgress or is that not advised?
I would like to have it use our high availability mysql cluster.

I did not see a template.yml for that. Is there instructions on conversion?
Thanks Again


After testing it seems like the Docker install is 2- 4 times faster than the Bitnami install.
It is blazing fast now!

(Logan Mathews) #5

No, there is no easy way to use MySQL instead of postgress.

It would also defeat one of the purposes of why they chose to use docker (keeping the entire environment consistent).