Test users new posts going straight to moderation

(Brock) #1

We are currently testing our new Discourse self-installation.
Many of our testers posts and replies are going straight to moderation and I can’t figure out why.
Their replies are short “testing testing” type replies to someone’s post.
Any help?

  • Bootstrap mode is set to 50 users
  • Initial default trust level is set to 0 (should this be set to 1 and then after hitting 50 users it auto goes to 0?)
  • Min post length: 3
  • Min first post length: 10
  • Min topic title length: 5

Thanks in advance for helping clear this up!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Anything that is pasted instead of typed is highly suspect. Search for typing in your settings. But beware you are opening yourself up to spammers if you relax these settings; Discourse is not a chat system, and if you use it like one You Are Gonna Have a Bad Time ™

(Brock) #3

Yeah, it isn’t that. I tried it with a test user and typed out “that’s cool!” and got flagged

(Jeff Atwood) #4

You will need to read all of what I wrote above.

(Brock) #5

Ah, I see. Considering this is testers, I’m sure their first initial post is super fast and they are getting flagged.

So I’m clear:

If I type faster than 3 seconds (the 3000ms default) and it’s my first post, I’ll be flagged. And let’s say that is then approved. Now on my second post and I type faster than 3 seconds, then I see the “slow down try again in 25 seconds” pop-up, but not flagged?