Tetra ` in one command and multiple ```` doesnt show up

(tnt bom bom) #1

good thing that what is happening to me is happening here

look at the image:-

problem numbers:-

:one: = there is ` after png = disappeared

:two: = how can i type it then?

:three: = the shading or the shadow behind text disappeared on

< /home/my...

(cpradio) #2

You probably have to use the ``` to handle it (which have to be escaped since 3 of them mean starting of code block (this answers your #2).

#1 and #3 are because ` represent an inline code block

So to solve your issue

qvn-run --pass-io ws-whonix 'cat > testing.png` < /home/mysfjsf`

Which was produced by

qvn-run --pass-io ws-whonix 'cat > testing.png` < /home/mysfjsf`

(tnt bom bom) #3

well actually u didnt fully solved the issue. u just solved how the code will show itself inside discourse by using ’ instead of `. and this is not the solution i was searching for.

i need to type three ``` inside one code line (as u have seen it inside the photo) , and also i need it to be shown for the users as a code (which mean shadow behind it).

so we will have penta ` . and i dont need single ’ inside it.

(Mittineague) #4

Try backslash escaping eg.


&lt;div>some text &lt;/div> 

displays as

<div>some text </div>

(cpradio) #5

No, I didn’t; at least not intentionally? As that image makes it hard to figure out what is and what is '. I updated the lastin my example to be a and it still works.

Another way to show case three (or more) `, would be to escape it (which now both @Mittineague and I have suggested. Which works if you use 4 spaces to denote the code block, but that isn’t inline.


Or you have to use &#96;, its HTML entity to show a ````, which works inline and is produced using


(tnt bom bom) #6

thnx for both u for the solution. but as u know this solution wont going to work with new users who dont know any html or language.

so i think if we want to solve this correctly , then whatever inside the code `` it should be independent or isolated from code marks itself (or preformatted text)

so whatever inside `` , it musnt react with it.

and by this , how many ```` i type or >,!# …etc inside the code = they will show up like i have typed them (without the need to learn any html or …etc language).

(Jeff Atwood) #7

See if you can repro your issue using http://commonmark.org first