Text overlap on previous words

(Dushyanth) #1

Description - Text overlaps when characters before it are selected and text is typed. (check video)

Forum - https://community.infinite-flight.com
OS - Windows 10
Browser - Microsoft Edge


Video is below.

(video is unlisted, don’t share)

Additional information

  • This bug cant be reproduced on Google Chrome Canary, Mozilla Firefox.
  • Doesn’t have a constant repro.
  • Only happens on the Infinite Flight Community (not in Discourse Meta)

(Jeff Atwood) #2

If you can’t repro it here, it is likely CSS customizations on the target site… so not a bug. For it to be a bug, it has to be reproduced here or on try.discourse.org

(R_Jordanian) #3

Oh no Dush is here!

Ontopic: I have that problem too

(Sam Saffron) #4

Do you this issue on this website? (Meta)

(Dushyanth) #5

No, I don’t have this issue on this website.

At the time of posting, I had the issue in the community but not this.