Text selection working weirdly in Firefox?

When writing a post and i want to select text, the selected part is selected but not highligted, which causes a “selecting text in the dark” issue. Happens here on Meta and on my forum as well.

Is this a local issue? I am using firefox (on a torified computer).

I don’t understand what you mean, can you show a screenshot?

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Can’t show screenshot because there isn’t anything to see.
Within editor, I select text, but the selected text in not highlighted, so I have to guess how much text I am actually selecting.

No definitely have not seen that. Are you in a weird theme or broken site CSS?

Happens here in meta.

It must be a browser/tor related thing i guess.

If you have selected a different theme on meta, reset to default and see if that helps?

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Which version of Firefox, on which OS? I’m seeing the text selection in Firefox 68 on macOS.

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