Text title missing after 24 hrs

(Praveen Kumar P S) #1

After the recent update, my site title logo suddenly got replaced with discourse logo. So I did exactly what @pfaffman mentioned in the link.

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c
SiteSetting.logo_url = ""

Everything was fine for one day. After 24 hrs, my site title logo is again replaced with discourse logo. Need some help guys!!


(Simon Cossar) #2

Between the time that you reset the logo_url and the time that the Discourse logo reappeared, did you update Discourse, or restart your server?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Yes, he said

This is expected after an update at the moment … I believe @tgxworld is working on a more permanent fix?

(Praveen Kumar P S) #5

Sorry for the late replay. Good to know that a fix is coming soon.

(Praveen Kumar P S) #6

I thought this problem will be fixed in the latest update. But no fix yet !! :cry:

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Maybe @tgxworld can follow up.

(Alan Tan) #8

The fix is still pending review in a pull request and will be included by the next release.