Text weight changing on hover

(Kevin Ansfield) #1

I’ve noticed recently on the discourse forums that I frequent (atom, ember) that the text weight is constantly changing as I move the mouse around.

I’m using Safari 8 on Yosemite. Here’s a link to a screen recording highlighting the issue (the effect is diminished a bit due to the downscaling): http://cl.ly/3J020x383O3z

Is this a bug or intended design?

(Régis Hanol) #2

Your link isn’t working unfortunately.

(Kevin Ansfield) #3

Not sure what happened there. Does this one work? http://cl.ly/3G0q3l1M333Z/download/discourse%20text%20weight%20(full).mov

(Régis Hanol) #4

That is definitely a bug. I don’t have Yosemite but is it specific to Safari 8?

(Dean Taylor) #5

I turned it into a reduce size GIF quickly so others can see what’s happening without downloading the video

(Kevin Ansfield) #6

Unfortunately I don’t have a Safari 7 install to test against. Chrome/Firefox don’t have the bug on Yosemite.

(Kevin Ansfield) #7

I started to play around with it when I found this css3 - Safari changing font weights when unrelated animations are running - Stack Overflow

I found I could fix it by editing .discourse-no-touch .post-cloak .gutter .reply-new to have:

position: relative;
z-index: 5000;

The z-index is arbitrary, it just needs to be above the other content so that safari can be sure it needs to send only the animated section over to the GPU.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Will Apple ever fix this, or is this something we need to have a permanent workaround for?

The post body should not be affected by the opacity change on right gutter and post controls under the post… I am not aware of any other browser that has this problem.