"That page doesn't exist or is private" restyling with CSS


(Jeff Atwood) #21

Maybe on mobile just compress down to the color block for the category and suppress the actual category text.

(Daniela) #22

Or something like this:

org-t---99999horiz(Galaxy S5) (1)

It only requires a little more work.

(Jeff Atwood) #23

I do not think side by side is a good idea on mobile at all. So go with underneath.

(Sam Saffron) #24

Also on mobile only display 5 topics per section (you can just hide using CSS probably)

(Daniela) #25

I’ll see what I can do.

Until now I’ve tested the code with media queries to do somenthing like this.

From 320px to 799px:

Over 800px:

Over 1024px:

Does it sound reasonable for you?

(Daniela) #26

That’s done on mobile device from 320px to 799px. The topics displayed are 5 now, from 800px they are back to 10.
I still have to solve a small bug with the bullet-style categories before send a pull request.

OP updated.

(Jeff Atwood) #27

Where are we at on this @sam

(Daniela) #28

I’m waiting for these issues to be fixed to see if I have to change something in turn

But if you want, I can send the pull request and make some changes later if necessary

(Jeff Atwood) #29

I would send it along now and we can adjust later.