The ability to comment on posts (replies)

(Rob Reed) #1

I realize this might be too big of an ask but anyway…

I’d like the ability to add a comment to a reply that isn’t part of (inline with) the general discussion. The distinction being that comments wouldn’t advance the topic. They only address some point about a particular post. I can think of number of uses. Here are a several:

  1. Correcting an inaccuracy in a reply
  2. Disambiguating some point or fact
  3. Adding links or other supporting information without stretching out the discussion unnecessarily (Acting like a footnote)
  4. Administrative comments

It would be especially nice if these could be public or private (visible only to the commenter and author of the reply). But I think the idea has merit even without the ability to make them private.

(Dave McClure) #2

I think for most communities the extra complexity isn’t worth it or even desireable. This is probably plugin material.

(Kevin P. Fleming) #3

You can branch off a new topic from the post that you wish to comment on, which would actually allow for others to continue that branch. Otherwise, you are asking for threaded discussion, which Discourse does not (and won’t) support.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Based on prior experience, It’s going to be very difficult for general audiences to understand the difference between a “comment” and a “reply”.

There’s also overlap here with private messaging which might confuse things. It’s also kind of shoehorning threading in as @kpfleming noted, so it might get abused for that reason as well.

People did request a “whisper” mode for a topic where posts made by staff, inline, discussing the topic would not show up for anyone else. That might have some utility, but they’re just regular replies only staff can see in a topic.