The "All in" category is not working

(Slack-Moehrle) #1

For some reason when our users select a category that had sub-categories the “All in…” is not working. It just says no posts. There are plenty of posts and this used to work. I have updated a few Discourse versions recently.

It works on these forums, however. Any ideas to what has happened?

(Slack-Moehrle) #2

Can I bump this a bit? I can’t seem to figure this out.

(Régis Hanol) #3

But are you on the latest version? If you are, have you tried the safe mode?

(Slack-Moehrle) #4

Yup, I am at the latest. v2.0.0.beta6 +25
My issue happens in safe mode as well.

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #6

Will give it a look tomorrow, see if I can repro

(Slack-Moehrle) #7

Thanks! I appreciate it.

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #8

Couldnt reproduce so far, @jomaxro any idea on this?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #9

No repro for me. Confirmed working here on Meta, as well as on 2 other random sites I just visited.

@slackmoehrle, my next suggestion would be to completely remove all plugins and rebuild the server, see if the issue goes away. If it does add plugins back one at a time (rebuilding each time) until the issue occurs again. If it does, you found your broken plugin.

(Slack-Moehrle) #10

Sorry, do you mean comment out the plugins and then run launcher rebuild app or do you mean a complete backup, create a new server and restore…

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #11

Correct, comment out the plugins and ./launcher rebuild app, then uncomment the plugins one at a time and rebuild each time.

(Slack-Moehrle) #12

Thanks. I’ll try this now and update here.

(Slack-Moehrle) #13

Even with no plugins, it fails to work as it does here on Meta.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #14

What are the security permissions of the cocos2d-x category and its subcategories?

(Slack-Moehrle) #15

@Falco Sure. All categories have these same permissions.

This used to work as these forums have been running for years and years.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #16

Anything in logs Does the parent or any subcategory have “Suppress category from latest topics.” enabled?

(Slack-Moehrle) #17

Thanks, nothing that I can see. Category settings:

I tried to select a bunch of topics and “set category” specifically, but nothing.

What is weird is that it is any category that has sub-categories that “all” doesn’t work. But it works here on these forums and others I visit.

(Jeff Atwood) #19

I am sorry but we can’t reproduce this.