The best way to add "Show more..." link/button on the Categories page

(Anton) #1

Currently, 99% of our users (including mods) are confused about the categories page.
They cannot realize that what’s shown in the “Topics” column is only part of the category content.

So I’d like to add a “Show more topics…” or “Show older topics….” link/button somewhere.

Did someone do this in the past and what’s the best way to do it without digging in Ruby sources?
Maybe some JS before </body> and use of API?

(Spero Koulouras) #2

Use this CSS to add text at the top of the topics column:

.categories th.latest:after {
content: " (Most recent activity. Click the Category name for more.)";

(Jesse Perry) #3

Exactly what I was searching for! Was going to try and hack it with j.query :scream: