The cheapest solution for hosting?

(ljpp) #68

Aruba has a sufficient VPS plan for 1€/month. Cant go any lower - anyone tried them?

1 vCore, Xeon

(blaumeer) #69

Aruba sells their smallest VPS (1 CPU Intel® Xeon® E5-2650L v3 1GB RAM 20 Gb SSD) at 5€/month through their Italian website, and the same at 1€/month via the international website linked by @ljpp.

I have a couple of 1€ VPS there, one with a small Discourse forum.


  • their admin web UI is very basic (UX from early 2000s);
  • no snapshots (included in the price, as far as navigating the UI tells me);
  • sloppy security (they end up in dshield’s top 20 /24 blocklist from time to time);
  • payment via pre-paid credits (make a deposit via, say, credit card, get VPS paid from deposit);


  • VPS resources are honored, I am monitoring with munin and there’s no steal CPU;
  • VPS is responsive for ordinary tasks (websites, large internet scans);
  • Discourse runs ok, responsive (albeit under very light load)
  • no surprises (e.g. smtp filtering, customized OS repositories etc).

Until now, a very positive experience.

(ljpp) #70

Okay, so the 1€ plan sounds like a pull-in offer to expand outside their home country.

I think I am going to get one, even though I have no idea what to do with it. 12€/yr. Good for prototyping/development if nothing else.

(ljpp) #71

Aruba’s hardware varies depending on the data center. In France you get 2.3GHz Xeons, but in Germany only 1.8GHz. VPSBench confirms the difference in computing power.

Update: They include a 1GB swap partition. I was lazy and worked it around by resizing /swapfile to 1024k, totalling 2GB.

(Nam Nguyen) #72

Vultr upgrade their cloud VC2, 5$/monthly, 25GB SSD, 1 vCore, 1GB RAM High Performance and Cheap Cloud Servers Deployment -

(Christoph) #73

Looks like Upcloud is the way to go then, given that it is CPU power that counts. Not the cheapest though, especially if you need 2GB in order to share it with a wordpress installation.

(Jeff Atwood) #74

Here is a good VPS hosting provider roundup:

DigitalOcean vs. Linode vs. Vultr vs. OVH vs. Scaleway

Includes single thread, multi thread, disk and network perf tests. Based on this I think Vultr might be a good choice, if they are reliable enough.

(Sam Saffron) #75

On huge caveat with this kind of benchmark is that often large cloud providers will run lots of servers with different specs and “general” perf can differ from one co-location facility to another.

Perf often simply depends on the toss of dice.

(Jeff Atwood) #76

That is true, however, these big players buy in huge huge batches. So realistically you will fall into one of about 3 or 4 common CPU buckets… depending on the “vintage” of your server hardware deploy date.

(ljpp) #77

Well, I may be a little biased as I am currently ‘friendly’ with UpCloud’s staff, but the fact is that I have been with them since last October. During that time I have experienced zero down time, and the performance is great. Rebuild times are snappy and I we have had some decent traffic spikes too.

They have a short free trial, so definitely worth a look, if quality hosting is what you are after.

Speaking of bargain basement, I bit the bullet on Aruba’s 1€ offer and while their dashboard gives me nightmares and they send me emails in italian, the server itself has been solid. No performance or downtime issues. Totally useful as a development environment or small communities.

(ljpp) #78

Just noticed a thread regarding lowest possible cost of Discourse hosting. Unfortunately it was closed and even the user had been anonymised.

Bitnami installation for newbies

It is worth pointing out to newcomers that there are a ton of VPS hosting options below the 10$ - even for less than 5$. So cost is definitely not a factor when planning for a project based on Discourse.

(Daniela) #79

But Bitnami installer is not a standard installation, I mean, if you want to try Discourse for some test, to see the feature etc… it’s great, but I would never use it for a site in production regardless of the price.
(IMHO) :grinning:

(Jeff Atwood) #80

$5 is a bit limiting, but you are correct, it is more possible to get a decent VPS with

  • 1GB RAM
  • modern Intel CPU
  • 20+GB disk space

… for less than $10 these days. I just didn’t want to set unrealistic expectations.

(James Mc Mahon) #81

This so many times over. Like I just said here

(Robert) #82

I have a multi-site setup (two distinct discourse forums on different domains with ssl) running using the cheapest offer from Scaleway called “Starter X86-64” for 3€/month:

You can chose from a varity of host systems and few allow to follow the default docker installation. They also provide an image for Discourse, but I do not know if it receives regular updates.

Back in time, I tried to run Discourse on their ARM server. It’s possible, but cumbersome and difficult to update (read more).

(thomas) #83

I use OVH. I found it really good and cheap. :grinning:

(Christoph) #84

Oh wow, they give you 2GB for 3€? And 50GB SSD. What’s the catch?

Edit: Oh, it’s ARM cores. I see.

(DjCyry) #85

Whell guys ,
I have tested many hosting companies for discourse and in my opinnion , DigitalOcean is the best option for hosting discourse , one click install or self install .
I repeat , in my opinion .

(ljpp) #88

No. They have x86 Atom cores. Slow but works.

(Stephen Chung) #89

A light Discourse forum doesn’t use up much CPU, so technically speaking it is doable.

However, the ./launcher rebuild app time must suck though…