The "Create a new Topic" category drop-down does not respect the category order

(Joshua Granick) #1

Hey guys,

I’ve just installed Discourse, and set the category list to use an exact order rather than changing based on activity. This has worked out well (though it would have been nice to have a drag-drop interface rather than manually setting integer values on each category setting page), but I noticed that when I go to write a new post, this order does not seem to be respected.

The first category is the “catch-all” category, but then the next two are the “Staff” and “Lounge” categories, which I sorted to be at the end. I’m concerned that this will increase the number of posts which do not have a good category assigned to them, as I had to scroll to choose any meaningful category.

There may be some other logic at work here, but my first impression is that the list should respect the hard category order setting, and this is a bug. Thanks!

(cpradio) #2

Already reported.

(Joshua Granick) #3

Thanks, sorry for the repeat :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #4