The create new topic form remains open after navigating away

(Dave Horsman) #1

Using Chrome on a Win10 laptop. After clicking new topic the form opened. I then navigated away from the page (back button) and the new topic form remained. It closed OK.

IMO this is correct as it may contain text. In addition, if I can navigate the site while composing my comment that is a better user experience. I might be retrieving a link to [paste] from another post.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

What are you reporting here? This is correct and by design, the composer stays active on all Discourse pages.

(Stephen Chung) #3

Well, i suppose the question is…

I open the composer. Then press the back button. Naturally i would expect the composer to close because the previous page view has no composer open.

Discourse is an SPA so it can keep the composer open thru back arrow, but it is different from what we see naturally in web pages.

(Dave Horsman) #4

:+1:That seemed very odd at the time. Discourse appeared to be an SPA and I am glad you get my point. I couldn’t really test it on the Coral Project site and I thought someone might want to.

[Edit: Deleted my irrelevant comment. There is no need for any navigation warning]

(Dave Horsman) #5

Here is an after thought. I bet the composer has scope one “level” up because I went “back” to the community topics page.

(Dave Horsman) #6

Thank you for the confirmation. I could not tell if I was about lose a very long post.

:point_up_2: Very good design.