The difference between admins and mods

(dougalcorn) #1

Continuing the discussion from Hide sensitive site settings:

I think only admins can manage groups, yes? It might be nice to allow moderators (or some trust level short of admin) be able to manage users and groups.

(Nabiki) #2

I’m a moderator on the Big Dinosaur test forum. I can see the manage groups, and it pretends to let me create a group, but the group never appears, so I’m not sure if moderators are supposed to be able to manage groups or not…

(Brentley Jones) #3

Is the group name more than 15 characters? There is a known bug that it will silently not create the group when there are validation errors, that was recently fixed:

(Nabiki) #4

It wasn’t more than 15 characters. I tried Test and TestGroup.

(Brentley Jones) #5

@sam and @pinecone Shouldn’t we be hiding the option to change it / show the proper error message in this case?

(Michael Campagnaro) #6

We should hide the nav link to groups if the user isn’t an admin. If you click the link, it renders the page, but fails to get the group json data due to the admin constraint. If you refresh the page after it renders, you will get a 404.

(dougalcorn) #7

This is kind of hijacking my thread. What I’m trying to find out is: what are the intended differences between admins and moderators?

(Michael Campagnaro) #8

It’s not really hijacking considering that you asked “I think only admins can manage groups, yes?” and currently that is true, so we had to remove the group link from the admin page so as to avoid confusion.

As for continuing the discussion, there was a post a while back on this very topic: moderator permission set. There is some info there on the differences and it’s probably best to continue the discussion there.