The email templates use title tag instead of domain name

(Prateek) #1

Just trying my new discourse forum, and i see that all emails, and most references are made using the title tag, and not the domain name.

What is the reason behind this?
And how can i use my domain name instead?

(Prateek) #2

Changed [%{site_name}] to [%{base_url}] in the templates and it seems to work. Any reason why we are using the title tag as [%{site_name}] by default?
As the title tag may not contain the website name for seo purposes.

(Michael Downey) #3

Because most humans like to read words, not DNS hostnames. :slight_smile:

(Prateek) #4

[quote=“downey, post:3, topic:43287”]
Because most humans like to read words, not DNS hostnames. :slight_smile:
[/quote] ?

Hi Downey,
Ok, let’s see. The title tag is called "the single most important on-page SEO element " by Title Tag | Moz

The default setup of discourse tends to keep the the title tag same as the domain name, or something very similar (which other similar websites might use too).

So for example the website is called “”, and for seo reasons i put the title tag as

“discuss your doubts on wordpress here”.

And when a new user registers, he gets an email with the subject

[discuss your doubts on wordpress here] Confirm your new account.

The email’s first line will say

“Welcome to discuss your doubts on wordpress here] Confirm your new account!”

Moreover, when he confirms his registration, he sees the welcome message as

“Welcome to discuss your doubts on wordpress here!”

I understand that the title tag can be made to sound more unique for your website, but it usually contain the most important keywords and very likely used by many other similar websites which makes it rather confusing.

Maybe it’s my personal opinion, but all these places really sound like the place for your unique domain name.
Nevertheless, i do love discourse, please can you tell me what is the best way to change the title tag data in the welcome screen (after the user verifies the email?)

(Michael Downey) #5
  1. I do not believe in SEO.

  2. It sounds like you’re confusing the “title” and “site description” fields. Title should be a short … title of your site, like “Foobar Forums” or “Spammer Central”. The description should … describe what your site’s about, like “discuss how to build WordPress sites”.

  3. You should not list your domain name in any of these fields.

(Prateek) #6

Maybe you don’t believe in SEO, but most people do (if not all), in this open source forum made for the people.

I’m not confusing with the description, which has no seo value at all.

… i’m sure that is not a good idea at all for seo, that won’t contain any solid benefit. Moz themselves disagree with you here.

But since you don’t believe in seo… well.
That might be just a difference in opinion downey, nevermind. Could you tell me what is the best way to change the title tag data in the welcome screen.

(Michael Downey) #7

A sensical title and description is a good idea for the humans, which are the only thing that will make your site successful.

Title and description are the first two fields in the “required” site settings:

(Prateek) #8

…cool. Moz don’t know nothing (and are not humans)

i wanted to ask how can i change that specifically for that page, is that possible?

(Michael Downey) #9

The settings are site-wide.

(Prateek) #10

Ok then, i’ll adjust with a more fit title tag.