The end of Clown Vomit, or, simplified category styles

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Awesome! Yup that did the trick. Thanks for the quick reply.


I like the customizability, but the positioning on the category name in the box seems odd to me in your screen shot. It would make more sense to me to be more centered (or at least have some padding off the left side of the box element).

(Sander Datema) #147

I love this option! :slight_smile:

Small thing: boxes are not showing in cited posts.

(Erick Guan) #148

Then I can’t figure out which one is parent. The spatial order makes me think about which color is for parent.

Don’t make me think.

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One person’s mental stop is another’s go, go, go! Depends on what kind of learning style your brain prefers.


Is there a way to change the colour of the text in the CSS for just the categories in the menu?

Whenever I change the colour, it also changes the colour of the categories text on the main page, but I think for customised websites there should be an option to change the category text colour indepedently depending on where they are displayed.

(Daniel) #151

You can do (almost) whatever you want with a CSS customisation.

#site-map-dropdown .badge-category {
  color: red !important;


Thank you - easy when you know how!


That might work better if the categories/subs flowed vertically down the columns, instead of wrapping left-to-right across two columns as they do. Your example ends up looking like below. I’m removing News/Global to illustrate the issue better.

|News             ||Local
||National        |Games
||Pong            ||Mortal Kombat
||Depression Quest

A little better:

|News             ||Pong
||Local           ||Mortal Kombat
||National        ||Depression Quest

Maybe better if a category didn’t break between columns.

Ordering of category list in the menu

Old and busted: Clown vomit
New hotness: Clown spittle

Since we updated to this stuff, the colors are not nearly as useful.

(Yamikuronue) #155

It’s far faster for me to recognize a color than a word. But now the color target is too small to help so I’m back to reading the word.


Fortunately you can customize it: The end of Clown Vomit, or, simplified category styles

So I am still happy after updating to the new beta6 :slight_smile:

(Yamikuronue) #157

Oh awesome :slight_smile: I’ve not been following this topic closely at all tbh. I’m happy that the new beta fixed some major issues we were having :slight_smile:

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Basic UI 101 <apoisdufypsuydpzhxpchbzl;kjxhb>

(Robert Lee Louviere) #159

I’m looking for this setting to change.

I’ll find it, but it says something that I can’t find it yet.

Oh wait, this setting is only for the owner of the forum to choose for everyone…?

Maybe not, will keep looking.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #160

Yes, this is a forum-wide, admin-only setting.

(Sebastian) #161

I love that! How can I replicate that sepia look or enforce it on all avatars?

(Dean Taylor) #162

You can use some custom CSS like this - but CSS filters aren’t available in IE currently - so it might not be applied for every browser:

img.avatar {
    -webkit-filter: sepia(1);
    filter: sepia(1);

The 1 in the example above can be a value between 0 and 1 where 1 is 100%.

(Robert Lee Louviere) #163

Why is a UI design that doesn’t affect functionality, a forum wide choice?

Is it because when you’re finished with forum-wide selections it bakes a new CSS?

Shift + R only works sometimes
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