The future of HTML/CSS customisations

(David Taylor) #1

With @sam’s new Theme system (which is awesome!), is there any way to have site-wide customisations to do things like add buttons to the top menu? These things shouldn’t be tied to a specific theme, and copying them into each of the available themes isn’t ideal.

Also, is there any functionality for multiple css/html customisations that can be enabled/disabled at will? Or is it just 1 customisation per theme? If the latter, what happens when I update my discourse instance that currently has a number of customisations? Will they be lost?

(Sam Saffron) #2

The new theme system allows any theme to have any number of child themes:

This allows you to build the theme for your site just like lego and reuse bits between user selectable themes.

(cpradio) #3

Also, I believe this plugin was attempting to do what you were wanting, does it not?

(David Taylor) #4

That’s absolutely perfect, thanks!

I hadn’t noticed the functionality since these controls only appear once you have more than 1 theme on your site:

Any chance this could be made visible all the time so it doesn’t go un-noticed?

(Sam Saffron) #5

Maybe … I guess if you tick that box it can pop up a bootbox asking you to create a theme or something.