The idea of Cloudflare and discourse

My question: what is the idea of having a discourse forum on cloudflare ?
i have the recommendation to keep the ORANGE cloud, GRAY . and found that the statistics are not showing on the cloudflare dashboard, the under attack mode is not working and the WHOIS services are still able to find my original host, so what is the plan ? how we can benefit from cloudflare without crashing our websites ?

i have put the website on the cloudflare to prevent attacks, and have the statistics and to hide the origin if am not getting all these why am on cloudflare ?

I can think of only two reasons

  • If you need to hide origin (this implies a pretty sketchy site, by the way) .

  • You have evidence you will be the target of a massive DDOS, as in you’ve already had a massive DDoS of your site before, and the odds are high that you will have one again.

Otherwise it’s 100% not necessary and kind of harmful, as it adds another layer of things that can go wrong.