The lightbox function is not working

(Liang Eric) #1

Installed version is 1.8.10

I confirm that “create thumbnails” have been turned on,But in my forum, lightbox function is still not working,

Move the mouse to the picture, there is no hint, can not click,there is no error message

I have referred to other topics,Provide some information:

here is sidekiq

all my queues here

all my scheduled here

here is the log

thanks for help.

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

Why Don’t You update to the latest version?

(Liang Eric) #3

but my discourse report it is newest version


is not?

(gauthier) #4


The latest is v1.9.0.beta14 +410, go to /admin/upgrade to update to the latest

(Liang Eric) #5

thanks gauthier.

I’m updating manually.

there is GFW in china ,it make china’s network like a shit.