The Official Discourse Tags Plugin: discourse-tagging


(Robin Ward) #1

Note: tagging is now a core feature in Discourse: Tagging support is now part of Discourse and this plugin is not required if you have a new installation of Discourse.

We now have an official plugin to add tagging functionality to Discourse:

About discourse-tagging

This plugin provides tagging functionality to Discourse. When users create topics they can optionally attach tags.

Tags are a useful alternative to categories for some forums. For example if you were running a music forum, being able to tag a topic as “Hip Hop” and “Electronica” would be useful. If you were using categories you’d have to choose one or the other.


  • Users can tag topics with tags

  • You can restrict who can tag to a particular trust level

  • Users can choose to auto watch tags as desired

  • Users can list all tags, and filter topics by tag

  • There are bulk tools to assign tags to many topics at once and to rename tags.

  • A tag is “created” if it’s used at least once and it’s created during topic creation.

Enable Tags menu/filter
  • You can enable this all tags menu by checking the “Show a dropdown to filter a topic list by tag” in the plugin setup.
  • Defaults to listing only 30 tags.
  • You can change using the setting: max tags in filter


Follow our Install a Plugin howto, using
git clone as the plugin command.

Once you’ve installed it, review the settings under admin and then enable

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(Joe Smith) #2

currently, this plugin does not allow punctuation (specifically, periods) in tags. Meaning you cannot create a tag for a specific version.

All punctuation is removed, turning a tag of “1.0” into “10”, which is now too short to be searched for.

(Robin Ward) #3

You could use v1-0 though! I bet that would work.

(Love Chopra ) #4

I have installed this plugin, I can create a tag and can assign to any topic, it is also visible on topic pages but my problem is when I access url it does not shows tags which I have created it shows a blank page.
There is no error in console and in error logs, please let me know is there anything I am missing here? Thanks

(Robin Ward) #5

Did you assign the tags to public topics? If so it should show up on tags right away.

(Joe Smith) #6

yeah, i can tag it like that, but either posts are not searchable by tag, or I can’t search by THAT tag.

(Robin Ward) #7

Ah yes, tags do not appear in search results. You can go to the tags page though and filter that way by a tag.

(Kane York) #8

Perhaps we need some plugin hooks - how about search_add_results and then some way to define a custom scope?


There seem to be some alignment issues

(Michael Haderman) #10

Yeah it would be nice if the tags were searchable. I received this question multiple times after I triumphantly announced I installed a tags plugin. There was much excitement followed by sadness.

(Robin Ward) #11

Help us understand the use case! Are there so many tags that your “Tags” page is unusable?

(Michael Haderman) #12

From the feedback I received pretty much everyone just uses search. It’s not often that they click through the site looking for things.

(Jeff Atwood) #13

In that case you do not need tags, just make sure titles are descriptive and posts contain consistent terms when discussing the same concepts.

(Sam Saffron) #14

I do agree that tags should be added to search term like we do for category, we just need to wire it up

(JT) #15

I would also like to be able to use periods (.) in tags - my users’ tags are stock symbols, and they often have periods in them. I tried just removing the . replacement from the plugin’s regex, but then I just get a white screen when viewing a plug with a . in it. Is the no-periods-in-urls thing an EmberJS limitation? Is there a simple workaround?

Love the plugin though! :slight_smile:

(Robin Ward) #16

Ember is not the problem here. If I recall, it was Rails handles mime types as periods by default. Additionally, I think our nginx configuration is set up to proxy directly to certain extensions like images so that would skip the app altogether. It just seemed simpler to disallow them.

I think code changes could be made to allow them but it would be error prone.


I can see where I can list all tags, but I can’t seem to figure out how to filter topics by tag. Am I missing something obvious?

(cpradio) #18

You mean Topics tagged tagging (which shows only topics with the tagging tag)?


I guess I was looking at it backwards, I was hoping to go in to a Category and filter by Tag, not go in to a Tag and list all Topics.

(cpradio) #20

Ah, okay. To my knowledge there isn’t a way to filter by tag when viewing a category of topics.