The old dashboard is going to be removed in Discourse 2.2

This is disheartening news, more details always trump fewer details,

will the new dashboard be adding more details?

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What do you feel is missing from the new dashboard that you can only see on the old dashboard? We don’t want to remove any data.

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This reminds me - one report I used to read and I don’t think it available is this tracking (from the old dashboard):


I’ve no idea how accurate it was, but it was useful to see, at a glance, whether traffic bumps were from logged in users, anonymous, or just crazy crawlers


Yes agreed this data has no direct link to access it now:


I can either add it to the general tab and/or make it visible on /admin/reports. Thoughts? Both are very easy to do and a few minutes job, so it’s more about “what do we want to show”, I’m strongly against the “let’s put everything we have on general tab” mindset.


One well loved item is Top Referrers (Last 30) as we use it for fun

but it seems over-all more detailed, sorry to be vague on the fly :sunglasses:


Yes agreed this one should be in /admin/reports


Adding it to the all reports page seems fine to me. Doesn’t seem like a common enough stat to add to general.

I wonder though, could it be added to the Pageviews report? A dropdown somewhere (perhaps by the date selectors) to choose which type of pageviews to look at? If this is a lot more work, disregard this idea.


Yes I thought about it and it would be cool, might be too complicated for now. I will first add it to the page and think about it.


Ok these missing reports will be added by this PR once merged (probably Monday):


Wanted to add my 2 cents.

The “All” column is missing from the Activity Metrics table (the columns end at Last 30). This was quite useful to keep track of lifetime statistics, and I used it very frequently.

Topics and Posts are now full graphs, rather than in Activity Metrics table. This is hypothetically as-nice, but it’s actually harder to pull Last 7 days, Last 30 days numbers. For example, I used the old dashboard to frequently find out lifetime Topics and Posts, as well as Last 30 days Topics and Posts.

Signups is missing from Activity Metrics, which was also useful to track, but it’s not too bad because there’s a graph now that shows Signups on the dashboard.

Lastly, the information from the old report’s Page Views table is now available as separate reports, rather than as a single view. The breakdown of page views across Logged In, Anonymous and Web Crawlers in a single table helped place the traffic slicing. Do consider bringing that table back, or an equivalent view.

Thanks a lot for building and maintaining the dashboard, it’s one of the most powerful pages to track metrics across my project (PyTorch)


Thanks for this feedback. I have already been actively thinking to all of the points here. This is what I’m thinking currently:

We don’t show all anymore, because space and attention are limited values. And I don’t see “all” as important as “last 30 days” to track the health of your community. This being said I would want to add a “All time” button on reports page to make it easy to have access to his data, without having to play with dates.

Same solution here, I think having last 7 days, and last 30 days buttons on the report page would be interesting shortcuts.

Whatever we put in activity metrics, someone will want something different :man_shrugging: I want to make it a site_setting to let you decide which activity metrics to show.

This one is the most complex one. My solution would be to create a specific chart for this one, which would show pageviews as a stacked histogram “Logged In, Anonymous and Web Crawlers” I think that would be very valuable to have this right under the 6 community health charts.

thoughts @HAWK @codinghorror ?

@smth don’t expect anything fast, tomorrow is Christmas and there are holidays too and other priorities.


Yeah, I support that. It’s the thing that I find myself clicking through to the old view for the most.


This is now possible


This is now done on master:


I love the new graph, it looks great in Chrome but the dashboard got pretty wonky in IE11:

And not much better in Edge:

Maybe it’s not a big deal since it only affects the site admins and they usually have more browser choice :stuck_out_tongue:


I already fixed part of it in FIX: better handling of resizing in stacked charts (#6921) · discourse/discourse@9148f76 · GitHub


Ok with this one FIX: improves stacked-chart layout on ie11 (#6922) · discourse/discourse@ea0e188 · GitHub it should be perfect on IE11