The problem of being configured by email puzzled me for a week, and I urgently need your help!


Good evening everyone!

(About my language problems I’m sorry, I do not speak English, I can only use google translation)

Discourse’s e-mail problem, puzzled me for a whole week. On the fourth day, I finally configured MailGun. However, because of regional problems, I was in China and 95 percent of my clients were Chinese. Therefore, the use of MailGun’s services will often result in unreachable emails, so my best option is to move email services back to China. There are very few service providers in China, Alibaba has an SMTP mail push service and I have no choice but to adopt it.

However, Alibaba’s service does not support TLS, port 587 is not open, I can only use the unencrypted port 80 or SSL port 465

Here I would like to ask everyone, I use SSL465 port, or port 80, how should I configure my app.yml.

This is a screenshot of my current app.yml



(Bhanu Sharma) #2

better choice will be to use SMTP port 465