Theme log in option

Would an option to have a user log into a dedicated theme be possible?

For instance if I were to link could it be made to log into a theme I chose based on perhaps where/who I’m sharing with?

The idea I’m going for is to be able to embed a link on Johns Coffee site and the users that click it see and log into a coffee them designed for that site rather than see the default auto racing theme

perhaps just a url extension

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Still believing this could be useful but not knowing the depth can anyone weigh in on
if its possible, difficult, @merefield can you see a plug-in making this work?

If a url link is not possible to auto log-in direct to a theme then would anyone find a drop down on the log in screen screen appealing ?



Definitely possible.

A similar use case is ‘try this theme’, e.g. Discourse Theme Creator

No need to log someone in?


I have plans to utilize that theme, have played around with it a bit already and see potential for it

My idea here is to direct the content seen via a link, one forum, multiple themes, each tailored to an audience

The inspiration comes from my new readyman theme, I believe I could likely get a link placed on to FULL30 and have it be perceived as belonging to Readyman so long as when the link is clicked the readyman theme is seen and logged into which is not the default.

That would allow Readyman to have a forum without the work involved,
it could be limitless for sites so long as their domain names are not to uniquely identifying…

With that explanation do you still think it is possible?

It wasn’t so much the Theme I was referring to, more the mechanism that applies an arbitrary theme to a session of Discourse.

You could also add some bespoke code to fix the Theme for each signed up user based on some sign-up selection.

it’s an interesting idea, but you might also want to consider how layouts and affiliation might diverge …

I run 3 of my own Discourse sites and I would prefer not to merge them into one but would not want to dissuade you from experimenting with the idea.


Do you mean the pop up/modal-alert?

I would be very interested to pursue how to utilize that if you can perhaps shed some more insight , is it just a script?

Layouts… I was picturing utilizing various themes, not be to cookie cutter, as to affiliation I was hoping to utilize current affiliates, offer them something to promote on their existing platforms and perhaps get in on their email blasts etc, one hand washes the other

Seems this this of social media has taken a hit, I hope to use that to an advantage.

Not specifically, the automagic is in the underlying javascript, I imagine.

So that’s a Discourse resource, they are best to comment, but suspect it might be achieved with just a Theme Component, but could be wrong.

1 Like is just a regular discourse installation, plus this plugin: GitHub - discourse/discourse-theme-creator

There might be useful things you could pull from that plugin, but what you’re trying to achieve is not trivial.


Thanks, just dawned on me my customer site doesn’t allow plugins so may have really been reaching to high

And the idea of a theme drop down section on the log-in screen, any easier would you guess?

Than you both for commenting :+1:

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That’s a lot more achievable. Did you see Hamburger Theme Selector?

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Yes its installed, think I can pull the code out for the log-in dialog?