"There was a problem sending another activation email" and a pair of questions

(Warren Allen) #1

Hi all. I can’t upload the image yet, but I’m getting “There was a problem sending another activation email. http: 404 - undefined.” – I deactivated then re-activated an account, and then tried to send a new activation email. Not a big deal; I can work around this issue.

Questions: I have invited a bunch of people to a Discourse site, and now they don’t have passwords. How do I force invited users to create passwords? Also, where is the setting for timing-out logins? It seems like users stay logged in even across browser sessions?


There was a problem sending another activation email
(Kane York) #2

I don’t think that Discourse automatically times out logins. It’s an annoying behavior anyways, and users can implement their own cookie-clearing if they are worried about security.

For invited users, the email is their key to getting in. They can send a password reset, which brings them to a screen asking them to set a password (it recognizes that they don’t have one yet).

User invite process improvements
(Warren Allen) #3

This is what I feared. I don’t agree with anything you just said (that it’s “an annoying behavior” or “users can implement…”) but I wonder if this is about who Discourse is designed for, and the kind of users the developers have in mind. So far, my users tend to skew towards seeing the lack of timeout as a “poor implementation of a common online security measure.”

Again, I think this flies in the face of the way the Web tends to be used, but that is sort of an overarching ethos of Discourse, and that’s fine.

Thanks for your response.