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Hi All, I have a budget of about US$500 to create a threaded view option for Discourse, it will be similar to what you see at

It will not replace the existing default layout of Discourse, but just another view option for users who want threaded view. And threaded view does not have to be mobile friendly.

Please let me know if anyone is interested.


(Sam Saffron) #2

That budget is totally impractical for such a enormous piece of work. Maybe if you had 100x the amount of money, but even then you would be fighting the system.

(Joe Buhlig) #3

To help you (and others) get a ballpark on this one since it’s come up a number of times, this particular feature is one I wouldn’t consider trying with a budget under $5,000. And that’s based on what I currently know about the post list structure. It’s very likely that after doing more research on it I would raise that number.

(Wes Osborn) #4

Also, in case you weren’t aware, when you do quotes or reply to a specific post, you can see that information inline by expanding the replies option (see this screenshot).

I’m quoting part of your original request, so you can see it in action on this thread.

(Vinoth Kannan) #5

Using Discourse API or Webhooks you can sync threads to your own my little forum. So if a user wanted a threaded view then redirect them. It may be a right, economic and simple solution for you when comparing to Discourse topic’s style change plugin request.


@sam @joebuhlig THANKS All , sorry I have no idea it is such a huge undertaking to accomplish threaded view in Discourse. Didn’t mean to start a low ball offer intentionally for the project.


@wesochuck Thanks Wes, yes I am aware of the inline reply feature. However, it seems that Discourse only allows 1 level of indentation, am I correct? If I reply to your comment, my comment will be indented under yours, but if a 3rd person responded to my comment that is under yours, the 3rd person’s comment will NOT be indented mine, correct?

This is one feature that I find a little confusing because there is only 1 level of indentation and another issue is that the indented comment will also show up at the bottom in the board linear view, so it’s almost like the indented comment appears twice in the same thread.

@vinothkannans Thanks Vinoth, can you tell me more about your suggestion? I have no coding or programming background, so I don’t fully understand how Discourse API or Webhooks can be a solution. You can message me if you prefer.


(Wes Osborn) #8

It would depend on what post in the thread they replied to. If it was in reply to your original post, then it would be “linked” with that post and would display under that post if expanded. If it was in reply to the comment, then it would show as “linked” to that comment. This is one of the reasons you see a reply button on each post. In this way the reply is kept in context with what is being replied to.

I find the massively indented threads like the one you linked to be very confusing, but I understand if it is something you or your community finds valuable. However, if that is the case, Discourse may not be the right tool for you.


@wesochuck THANKS for taking the time to explain, much appreciated. I will need to experiment with this a few more times to fully understand how the indentation works in Discourse.

(Wes Osborn) #10

I would classify it more as reply/post linking than indentation. There is very little actual indentation past one level, which does help preserve horizontal screen real estate (particularly on mobile). I think the linking may help preserve some of the functionality that you’re looking for with indentation and I was afraid you might have missed it at first glance. is a good place to experiment/play around.


Hi All, can someone help me understand the logic that is used for the inline or indented reply feature? I can’t grasp the logic behind this.

I was testing the inline or threaded reply feature in the forum. In my test, I did not use the reply button at the bottom of the post, I used the reply button that appears on every individual post so that it will produce the inline or indented effect.

Say I have the following posts in a topic

Poster 1 - (comment 1 in the topic)
-----Poster 2’s reply - (comment 2 in the topic)

Two Questions if I may:

  1. If Poster 3 comes along and creates comment 3 in reply to comment 2 , will there be a 2nd level indentation in the topic so that the thread will look like this below?

Poster 1 - comment 1 in the topic
-----Poster 2’s reply to comment 1 above - comment 2 in the topic
------------Poster 3’s reply to comment 2 above - comment 3 in the topic

  1. If Poster 3 creates comment 3 in reply to Poster 2 - comment 2 , shouldn’t comment 3 appear with the ARROW icon in comment 3 similar to this image here with the arrow?

I have been testing and can’t seem to grasp the logic that is used for the inline reply . And a user in our community points out the issue we are experiencing in question 2 above.

(Jeff Atwood) #12

Note that when a reply

  • is directly underneath the post it is replying to
  • is the only reply to the post

its reply metadata is suppressed by default as it’d be very noisy.

You can control this with site settings; search for “suppress”.


@codinghorror Thank you! You have obviously put a lot of thoughts into this, every aspect of the forum is so well thought out. I would never have figured out the logic behind this on my own.

(system) #14

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