Threads of a specific category as start page

(Marius Ciepluch) #1


does someone know how I can make the threads of a specific category the start page of discourse?

Like ->

I could set a redirect, but I'd rather have this by only as a start page.


(Daniela) #2

Read here Discourse Meta maybe this is what you are searching for (remember to change the order).

(Marius Ciepluch) #3

  • If I set the category/XYZ as the first in the list instead of “latest” Discourse returns a 404 for the category.

  • If I set XYZ as the 2nd in the list (as it is shown), I can click it. And it leads to the posts of the category.

  • I assume currently we cannot override the “latest” entry, which acts as the start page, via the top menu setting.
    So I don’t think this is the solution, but it tangents very much what I want to do.