Three column topic view, each their own category

(se oli tonnin seteli) #1

Continuing the discussion from Categories page - category / subcategory stats inaccurate to user:

Say we have a hobbyist forum with just three main categories: shop talk, classifieds and off topic.

Because of that, we prefer not to click around too much and might as well have our main view consist of three columns, and each would include a 20 topic listing of a single parent category not much unlike “latest” view sorted by date.

We then use child categories for buying and selling topics, and they would be visible in the listing. Latest, unread and new are still visible and can be used as originally intended.

I suspect, judging how category page works, that this is not just a simole css hack or a feature in the works, but what exactly has to be tampered with to achieve this?

(Dave McClure) #2

Having trouble visualizing this. Can you provide a mockup?

(se oli tonnin seteli) #3

Just about to go to sleep and on ipad, but it’s as simple as a category view with three columns of latest topics, each their own parent category.

general discussion on the left, classifieds in the middle and offtopic on the right.

I’ll try to whip up a more visual example tomorrow at work If I have the spare time.

(se oli tonnin seteli) #4

Finally got around to it and still didn’t have enough time to fix it but this is two columns, bug & howto, side by side.

Visually the lists would be something similar to what has been suggested in Minimalistic layout topics etc. so far. On mobile this might not work that well, but then I’d probably use regular type of “latest” instead?

I said earlier that I’m still too emotionally attached to the category page, but I’m starting to warm up to Latest. What I don’t like about it, is it’s readability particularily when categories are involved, and even if we had just two or three categories, at least to me, something like this would be visually much more agreeable and the page would be more static.

Regardless of forum layout, they all take getting used to IMO, and having things in one place most of the time would therefore ease people into the particular layout faster.

This type of layout would allow us to remove the already (maybe, YMMV) redundant unread and new buttons at the top as the balloon is anyways omnipresent, and also category dropdown could be removed unless using subcategories as I said earlier, for separating buying/selling topics for instance and we don’t like hamburger menu.

I’m in a hurry again and have to be going - sorry for being a bit blunt or not verbose enough, meeting starting and there’s beer and pizza involved, but I hope this expands on my initial post enough.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

For this kind of side-by-side layout I’d definitely show only one user in the Users column (this can be done with CSS), and probably suppress Views as well (ditto).

Really pressed for space with two lists of topics side by side, you’d want to simplify even more.