Tightening Up The Community

Currently, anyone can access my Community Forum.

They use the URL, sign up and create an account.

How do I stop this, as I want access to be on an invitational basis?


a few settings come to mind, but it depends on how you decide who you want in the community, and how they are granted access. Both are in the admin > login sections.

invite only is a method where existing members with invite privileges can invite more users. This seems to be what you want.

must approve users restricts logins such that a staff member must approve any user that signs up for the site before they are granted access.


Run the setup wizard again and make it private.

What would happen to all the content I have if I ran the setup wizard?

You should not lose any content but to be honest this is not necessary as it is a shortcut to the admin setting which is just a checkbox. Navigate to Settings > Login

you’ll find the invite only and login required options


Thanks Robert,

To be clear, if I select ‘invite only’ then only I can give the access, how do I do that? I should also tick ‘login required.’

A few more questions if I may.

  1. How do I stop people from reading the content? I believe people receive updates by email
  2. How can I remove people who have signed up, but I don’t want in in my brave new world?


Yes, tick both these options so no new members can sign up without your invitation.

The site will require login, so no non-members can access it

To remove existing members, you can suspend their account and they should no longer be able to access the site

good luck



Rob, one last question, how do I add a new member now I have switched sign-up off?

In admin / users, click on the ‘invite’ button