"Time ago" on quoted text

(Jeff Lunt) #1

I love that you can easily quote other people, and also customize the formatting of quotes from other posts. However, it’s difficult to tell when the source material was created without going to the original post. Even the “expand post” option doesn’t give you this information.

What I’m looking for is the “time ago” of the source material being quoted, something like the image below (red color added to highlight only):

This sort of thing is really useful when you want to quickly know the recency of a given quote, for example, in order to weigh whether or not that information is likely relevant any longer.

What I’m requesting is not to be confused with the “time ago” of how long it’s been since it was quoted. What I’m looking for is the “time ago” that is tied to the timestamp of the post being quoted.

(Adam Davis) #2

Nice! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve run into, “this is the correct method…” Then find out it applied to a software version 5 years ago, and there are better ways to solve it. I particularly hate old blog posts where the post date is not obvious.

(Jeff Lunt) #3

Yeah, I pretty much think any owner of a blog that doesn’t include a timestamp on their posts is an irresponsible blogger. Very few things any of us say will stand as correct for all time, after all.

(Adam Davis) #4

Well, there are some topics which are timeless. For instance we don’t need a time stamp on the blog post “BAKED POTATOES ARE THE BEST POTATOES.”

But in general I agree.


(Lowell Heddings) #5

Update: Now we have Twice-Baked potatoes. Even better than the old version. Upgrade now!

(Adam Davis) #6

[quote=“geek, post:5, topic:3084”]Twice-Baked potatoes. Even better than the old version.

You are dead to me.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Have not seen a big need for this. But showing date on expansion of a quote would probably work.