Time is not correct after new installation and data restoration


I install a new discourse in a different server, and restore the backup data from the admin control panel, but the time of the new post is not accurate. After I post a new topic, it just showed it was posted 7 hours ago.

What seems to be the problem, and how to fix it?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Perhaps your time zone is set incorrectly on your new server? It should be UTC.


I change the server time to UTC and git pull and rebuild the docker app, and tried again, but dosn’t work. I am still wondering why :relieved:

(Glenn Sims) #4

The server time zone might not change automatically? If you can, try manually changing the time.
(If you’re using a remote server-such as DigitalOcean-I have no idea)


The remote server default timezone is not UTC and I changed it to UTC and it works. But the discourse still suggests the wrong time. :expressionless:

(Glenn Sims) #6

The backup might contain the old time information? You may have to start fresh…(the Discourse Staff would know how to take care of this)


I have no idea about the old time information. I followed this howto to migrate from docker to docker on centos 7 in different vps. :expressionless: