Tips for setting up e-mail to my domain?

(Joey Day) #1

It looks like maybe I can verify everything through SparkPost just using the DKIM DNS record, but I’d like to also verify I can receive mail to both abuse@mydomain and postmaster@mydomain. Only problem I have is, I currently have no way to actually do so. :joy:

I thought about paying $5 at my registrar to have mail for my domain forwarded to my Gmail, but that seems like it’s probably a waste of money. Anybody have any good tips for setting my MX records, etc., so I can forward my mail from my server to my Gmail for free and verify that I really do own my domain? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Cheers!

(I think I’d like to eventually allow replies to posts via e-mail, so maybe I need to read Setup incoming emails, but I think my immediate question is slightly different.)

(Matt Palmer) #2

If you setup incoming e-mail support, you’ll be able to see the e-mails to abuse@ and postmaster@ in your “Rejected” e-mail tab by default, but you might want to setup a PM group to send those to, so senders don’t get bounces. Alternately, you can send all mail to gmail using the “Google Apps for Domains” system.

(Joey Day) #3

Bit of a chicken and egg problem, though, as at the moment I can’t even verify my personal email address to even claim my admin account on my brand new sparkly Discourse install. So I can’t even get in to configure incoming e-mail in Discourse itself.

OH WAIT. I can just verify through DKIM first and then be able to send mail, THEN set up incoming mail. Haha, that will probably do the trick. THANKS. Sorry I wasn’t tracking with you at first.

I love Google Apps! I was fortunate enough to get in on the ground floor and do receive e-mail for a couple of my domains that way on their grandfathered free plans, but a few years back they got rid of the free plans for new signups, so this is a nonstarter for me since I’m trying to do this for free.

I’ll even consider installing some sort of curses mail app on my server if I have to (Pine or something? What do the cool script kiddies use these days?). There has to be a way to just check a couple e-mail addresses for free. (No longer necessary.)

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

Is there a way to have multiple addresses go to one group or category?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #5

The field allows multiple values.

(Jay Pfaffman) #6

Egads. I don’t know how I missed that.

Looking again, Custom incoming email address: doesn’t make it clear that you can have multiple addresses.

But now, actually trying to put two comma separated addresses in that field on the category settings in v1.8.0.beta4 +9, I get

',' is not a valid email address.

And the same is true when putting multiple comma-separated addresses in a group Custom incoming email address.

So, maybe that’s how I missed it. :slight_smile:

(Matt Palmer) #7

I’m pretty sure that’s a pipe-separated multi-value field.

(Jay Pfaffman) #8

You, sir, are correct.

I’ve not noticed other fields that were pipe-separated. I don’t know how a Normal Person would know, but it could be that this is an edge case.

(Matt Palmer) #9

Some fields make mention of it in the description,so I’ve picked it up from there. Feel free to submit bugs for anything you find that’s multi-value that doesn’t mention that it’s pipe-delimited; I agree that Normal People shouldn’t need to have Deep Knowledge of The Ways of The Separator in order to list multiple addresses.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #10

Actually, pressing Enter will tag your current input and ask for the next. I guess we could do the same on spaces and commas?