Title for new users



How to pre-allocate title to new users?

I have tried adding title to users manually using the admin panel - and that works.
I also know that if we create a new group, we can specify a default title for all users in the group.

But that isn’t what I’m looking for.
The new users who register in the site do not really belong to any group by default.
So, I’m not sure how to go about giving them a default title

@team Please assist.


(Sam Saffron) #2

No such feature exists at the moment, it would require a plugin. Why are you trying to allocate a title to new users?


Thanks for the reply @sam

This is the reason I’d like to allocate a title to all new users:

  1. We run a Discourse Portal for aspirants trying to get into Engineering Colleges. So, 99% of the folks are going to be “aspirants”. And apart from the aspirants, there are like 10-15 mentors. We promote aspirants to mentors when they gain experience in the site. And to start off, we already have like 15 mentors - we changed their title to “mentors” manually - which was easy. Now when someone new joins the site, its easy for them to identify the mentors. Similarly we’d like the aspirants to have “aspirants” title by default. This way everyone else knows who are aspirants and who are mentors.

(Sam Saffron) #4

It is possible you can just use CSS to assign a “title” to people who do not have a title element. I can not think of the CSS off the top of my head, but perhaps the community can help.

But… why do they need a title at all, what is the point of having 99% of the people have that extra text on every post they make?


We have seen quite a few folks, when they join new, they don’t realise that 99% of the folks in the site are aspirants. So, when they start a new thread, and if one of the other aspirants reply to their query - they are in an impression that this guy answered them is a “mentor” and thank them and even call them as “sir” to give respect - without realising that that guy too is an aspirant just like him. So, we don’t want to give them this confusion. So, when everyone has a title - its easy and there is no confusion at all.