Titles won't show on desktop, but shows on mobile

(Dylan Hunt) #1

it shows for me on desktop as a board creator admin – but apparently doesn’t show for others … UNLESS they are on mobile! What the… regular user below in desktop < vs mobile >

(Nam Nguyen) #2

it’s work on Discourse v1.8.0.beta9 +81?

(Dylan Hunt) #4

hm? What’s up ;D anyone else seeing this issue?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #5

This pictures on OP aren’t from the same user, so check that first.

I created an account there, but as a new account I don’t have any titles to choose.

(Dylan Hunt) #6

ahhhhhh sneaky…

(Dylan Hunt) #7

Hmm, even though the accounts are different, isn’t it strange that you can’t see the titles dropdown? Usually I thought it would show even if the list contains nothing.