TL3/4 users unable to edit titles/tags/categories of other users’ topics

(Chris Beach) #1

It appears there has been a regression and TL3 and TL4 users are not able to edit topic titles/categories/tags on other users’ topics.

In case it’s relevant: On my forum, trusted_users_can_edit_others is set to false. This is because we didn’t want TL4 members to edit the content of others’ posts. However - we do want TL3/4 members to be able to continue to edit topic titles/categories/tags

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I think you are misunderstanding the setting.

@eviltrout do you need to make the copy more clear?

(Chris Beach) #3

I was one of those who requested this setting in the first place.

I wanted to promote TL3 members to TL4 but they were reluctant as TL4 would grant them permission to edit other users’ posts.

The new setting would (I’d hoped) allow me to grant TL4 without the edit-all-posts privileges.

Of course I’d still want TL3 and TL4 to be able to re-title, re-categorise and tag other users’ posts.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

No, this setting was for another very large customer. It was built for them, not you.

(Chris Beach) #5

Thanks for the clarification and apologies for my misunderstanding.

Nonetheless, it would be good to be able to disable edit-any-post-content for TL4 users, if possible in the future.

(Mittineague) #6

As long as you can trust them to not fiddle in their dev tools, CSS works somewhat.

, .topic-admin-close 
, .topic-admin-pin 
, .topic-admin-archive 
, .topic-admin-visible {
  outline: 1px solid #F00;
, .topic-admin-pin 
, .topic-admin-archive {
  display: none;

to display as

/* private messages display none wrench leaders */
  body:not(.staff):not(.archetype-regular) .toggle-admin-menu { 
    outline: 1px solid  #F00;
/* private messages display none individual buttons leaders */ 
/* pin and archive are n/a */
  body:not(.staff):not(.archetype-regular) .topic-admin-multi-select 
, body:not(.staff):not(.archetype-regular) .topic-admin-close 
, body:not(.staff):not(.archetype-regular) .topic-admin-visible {
    outline: 1px solid #0F0; 
/* topics display none individual buttons leaders */ 
/* topic-admin-close and topic-admin-visible not in this example set */
  body:not(.staff):not(.archetype-private_message) .topic-admin-multi-select 
, body:not(.staff):not(.archetype-private_message) .topic-admin-pin 
, body:not(.staff):not(.archetype-private_message) .topic-admin-archive {
    outline: 1px solid #00F; 

Change to suit obviously.