TL3 can not see the dashboard

(Daniela) #1

Sorry for this stupid question…
I have just translate this topic for my users and I am informed by TL3 users that they do not see the lounge.
I am sure that in beta 5 the lounge was visible by TL3.
Maybe I need to change some setting in the Admin Panel? I do not see anything about lounge here…

What can I do?

(Sam Saffron) #2

Maybe they lost TL3, you have to keep up your reqs or you lose access to lounge.

(Daniela) #3

Sorry @sam, there is a misunderstanding (my fault).
I am promoted on TL3 here on Meta. Now I see the Lounge:

We do not have this category (maybe the founder change is name 3 years ago when we migrated to discourse?).

I have always believed that the “Lounge” was the dashboard here:

and my users too.

And an old TL3 user (I checked, he is always to TL3) have send a PM to tell me that he can not see the dashboard now.

I’m sure he can saw the dashboard because a couple of months ago we spent hours talking about the forum (and users) statistic.

EDIT: Title changed.

(Mittineague) #4

Are your Trust Level 3 members automatically put into the Moderator group?

(Daniela) #5

No, I’m the only moderator (just promoted admin) in my forum.

Are you saying that only moderator group can see the dashboard now?

(Mittineague) #6

AFAIK, yes (Admins included)

There is some cross-over into “moderator-ish abilities” in that TL3s can edit and re-categorize topics, and their SPAM Flags can hide posts, but access to the dashboard has never been by Trust Level alone.

Access to the Lounge should be available to all TL3s unless the category was deleted.

(Daniela) #7

Ok, thanks @Mittineague and @sam. It’s all clear now. :+1:
Moderators can close the topic.

(Jeff Atwood) #8