tl3 title edits are not rate limited

(Matches) #1


  • display post edits
  • open fiddler and start capture
  • edit post title and submit
  • edit a second time and submit
  • replay fiddler session 5000 times
  • see 10k post edits (± due to tl3 edits also qualifying for ninja edits)

(Jeff Atwood) #2

@eviltrout can you make sure rate limits are in effect here? Technically this should be subject to the normal daily edit limits, too. It must not be going down the same code path.

(Matches) #3

Being subject to edit limits seems like it should be a site setting, do you trust your TL3’s to edit more than their edit limit on a given day? Should it be a separate edit limit specifically for post topic title edits?

(Robin Ward) #4

I’ve got a fix here:

(Jeff Atwood) #5