To group posts by a user

(Мария Сергеева) #1

I observed frequently that sometimes when I read forum discussions I would like to read in some topic only posts from one specific user because this user is of special interest to me. In that case other posts are perceived like noise. I have to scroll and skip them.

It would be good to have an option to filter thread somehow, for example, to click on user icon and then select menu option like “show only posts by this user” and see that only posts from that user are shown while posts from the other users are hidden.

Another option is to rearrange all the posts in the thread so that all the posts from any user are placed together.

In both options all posts in the thread by some user can be joined up to form one single post to make reading even easier because this united post actually represent aggregated message (opinion, answer, etc.) of this user.

Would it make sense?

(Sam Saffron) #2

Well, the feature is already there :wink:

(Мария Сергеева) #3

Yes, I wanted this. Now I know what these icons are for. :smile:

Maybe it is worth adding a tooltip for these icons “Click to see posts only by …”

(Régis Hanol) #4

@eviltrout added a tooltip when you click on the user’s avatar which allows you to show the posts made by that user

(Jeff Atwood) #5